2022 Fragrance Favourites Sample Pack

2022 Fragrance Favourites Sample Pack
2022 Fragrance Favourites Sample Pack

2022 Fragrance Favourites Sample Pack

Ten of our favourite fragrance arrivals of 2022, divided into Light & Shadow.
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This year, we divided our favourite new fragrance arrivals into two categories: Shadow & Light. But even here, all is not what it seems. The shadowy scents may be dark, calming, and cozy, but they can also contain surprise: new textures, new ingredients, and a dramatic sense of space. Similarly, the light fragrances are not without depth or They may be joyful, but they've got secrets.

As you explore our favourites of the year, you could ask yourself which category you're drawn to, and whether any from the other category surprised you. More than anything, all ten fragrances make a tantalizing offer: isn't it time for a bit of reinvention?

This set includes 10 samples of 0.7 ml each, packaged in glass vials with wand applicators. The scents included are:


Arquiste - Indigo Smoke
Cool mountain air at dusk, sparkling fireflies of freshness and an urgent waft of crisp pine smoke, billowing in softly over hours.

Scents of Wood - Plum in Cognac
A hug of scent, with wood-barrel-infused organic alcohol anchoring all that plummy, boozy, sophisticated gourmand depth.

Maison Crivelli - Ambre Chromatique
Amber and vanilla get their groove back in this colourful, hypnotic ode to luscious, off-dry warmth.

L’Artisan Parfumeur - Musc Amarante
The "Le Potager" collection, inspired by garden vegetables, reached its apex in this earthy, serene, strangely wearable pairing of white musk and beetroot.

Parfums de Marly - Haltane
A sumptuous harmony of oud, leather and spice, vividly modernized with a kiss of sugary praline.


Jorum Studio - Pony Boy
Tart rhubarb becomes a bewitching fog, cheekily caressing driftwood and pink lotus flowers, imploring another sniff.

Vilhelm Parfumerie - London Funk
Amidst the chaotic party of the green, funky opening, a blissful, sexy-cool ambergris accord is sneaking up on you, ready to steal your heart.

Initio - Paragon
A burst of juicy plum mingles with soothing palo santo and sage, creating a potion of easy confidence pouring over polished sticks of sandalwood.

Etat Libre d’Orange - Like This
This collaboration with Tilda Swinton finds the everyday smells of her highland cottage merging into an ecstatic dance of candied ginger, wildflowers, and singing earth.

Carner - Ibiza Nights
An unapologetic sex bomb laughing in the face of restraint, with glamourous sun-soaked florals bursting over pear and vanilla.



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