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Bathorium began with one mission in mind: To Bring Back The Bath! In 2014, after co-founder Greg Macdonald saw the ways many Europeans treasured their sacred bath time and being truly unplugged from the stresses of reality, it became clear that they were on to something. Using pure essential oils, luscious vegetable butters and rock harvest salts, the people from Southern France to the coasts of Amalfi would leave their tubs feeling rejuvenated and restored. This way of life of cherishing the bath and worshipping the body became the backbone for Bathorium products, their goal is for everyone to bathe beautifully.

Bathorium is a Canadian made luxury bath products company proudly sourcing the highest grade of ingredients. They produce hand crafted bath bombs and soaks that are designed for benefit based bathing, meaning their products are about the benefits your whole body will reap after a Bathorium bath.

All Bathorium products are phthalate free.