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Bend did not start with a product. It started with a belief. “When you nourish all the connections something beautiful happens”. This influences and inspires everything Bend does from designing products, to customer experience, to how their operations impact the planet. This belief defines Bend's culture and above all it gives them a purpose to “Create and celebrate a beautiful life."

Marc St-Onge, the founder of Bend faced chronic health challenges early in life, he began a search for a deeper knowledge of creating and sustaining health. It led him to a place where natural health products, traditional wisdom, and leading-edge science intersect. As an entrepreneur with a track record for bringing research-based innovations to the health food market, he came to focus on skincare and healthy aging. More than ten years ago it was clear to Marc that we would see a convergence of the healthcare and skincare industries. The skin being the body’s largest organ, Marc set out to add a new approach: skincare from the inside out.