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French Farmacie was born from the realization that when we take the time to consciously develop the beauty within ourselves, we can create a beautiful impact on the world. French Farmacie embodies an evolved beauty industry, one where a shared belief is that bettering ourselves and bettering the planet are not mutually exclusive.

“Struggling with infertility and an up-and-down relationship with my skin had me questioning everything I was putting in and on my body. This led to researching ingredients and eliminating things that didn’t serve me, including a complicated skincare routine. As my interest grew, I leaned into my background in healthcare and partnered with a Harvard chemist to develop science-driven formulations. Along my journey, a life-changing trip to Indonesia left a lasting impression, where front-line communities are grappling with the ocean pollution crisis — a result of the global dependence on single-use plastic. This became the catalyst for a deeper appreciation that skin health and the health of the world around us are profoundly interconnected. Inspired by a healthier vision for people and the Planet, French Farmacie was born — consciously crafted skincare combining results-driven ingredients with a genuine dedication to having a softer impact on the environment.” -Tricia, Founder