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Heeley Eau de Parfum was born from English designer James Heeley’s fascination with nature, floral design and the world of perfumery. Made in France from rare ingredients of the finest quality, these contemporary scents make up an evolving collection of fragrances made in the true art of traditional French perfumery.

“Excellence lies in details” – James Heeley

This is the James Heeley motto, and has been the foundation in creating one of the most unique and independent luxury perfume houses in Europe. From conception, to even the tiniest details of creating the fragrance itself, to the bottling and thoughtful reusable packaging designed in-house in Paris, James Heeley is one of the very few owner, founder and perfumers in the business of modern classic perfumery.

Born in Yorkshire, England, James Heeley studied Philosophy and Aesthetics at King's College, London University and now lives and works in Paris.