Mela & Kera

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Romantic. Sensual. Provocative. Mela & Kera pushes the boundaries of convention with a provocative and unexpected take on classic romance and sensuality.

Bridging the divide between soft waves and sharp edges, the present and the future, the unique and the universal, Mela & Kera embodies a radiant duality: an iconic beauty that is timeless yet entirely for the moment.

The House of Mela & Kera was founded by hairstylist Jason Lee in 2016. Already deemed the New Cult Classic, Mela & Kera leaves an instant indelible mark on the world of professional luxury haircare.

Made with only the most premium ingredients, Mela & Kera formulas are brimming with carefully selected exclusive botanicals sourced from across the globe and renowned for their legendary regenerative powers.

The name: short for melanin (the pigments responsible for hair color) and keratin (the protein that gives hair its gloss and structure), the name Mela & Kera is a tribute to the fundamentals of healthy, vibrant hair.