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Monsillage will take you on a journey, a scent journey of course. Similar to a movie scenario that sets the tone by recreating a particular atmosphere and giving insight into the characters’ personas, the real-life stories behind each of the Monsillage perfumes are a way to create a bond with the perfumes and enhance the perfume experience. Isabelle Michaud, the creator behind these fragrances, finds inspiration in past travels, one-of-a-kind experiences, personal impressions and glimpses of grace. This personal approach to perfume creation does not take away from the perfume’s ability to shine outside its original context. Perfume can embark on many different journeys, highlighting along the way the uniqueness of each individual. Perfume is a wearable piece of art that follows us around and gives colour and personality to our lives. Each skin, each body chemistry is a unique canvas on which a perfume can express its different shades and dimensions.