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Rockwell Razors is an experienced product design and manufacturing team with a singular focus on delivering products that will make you love your shave. Since 2014, they've successfully launched the largest crowd-funded razors of all time on Kickstarter with the Rockwell 6S, Rockwell Chrome Series and Rockwell Model T.  

Rockwell's patented, adjustable, precision-engineered blade angle technology gives you the freedom to chose the angle at which you shave. They've completely re-engineered the old-school safety razor, the gold standard in shaving until the mid-1900's, when companies realized they could make more money selling you a disposable cartridge every week, and safety razors disappeared. 

They've been working with expert engineers, designers, and machinists from all around the world to develop what customers, backers and shave enthusiasts call "the best razors they've ever used". Now, they've successfully perfected close, irritation-free shaving down to an art form. Sick of spending outrageous amounts on sub-par cartridge razors and gimmicky shave clubs? Join the Rockwell Revolution.

The blades are made from pure Swedish stainless steel and specially treated to ensure their exceptional sharpness and unlimited shelf life. Rockwell has developed the best double-edge blades on the market - at a better price than other blades.