Ruby Brown

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Ruby Brown is a successful Canadian entrepreneur and owner of the eponymous eco-luxe brand she founded in 2015. In Montreal, after working as a model in Europe, she decided to share her passion for perfume and launched her first company, Essence Workshop. An inspiring, interactive workshop where one creates bespoke perfume.

Praised for her work, integrity and individuality, name brands such as Cirque du Soleil, Luxury Retreats, and Germain Hotels commissioned Ruby to create their bespoke fragrance. Her flair and entrepreneurial spirit soon led to the expansion of the company.

Rooted in excellence, the brand aims for the most sustainable development, promoting local artisans and ensuring quality and meticulous design. With a range of select scented products and the mission to keep creativity and commitment to core values at the forefront of the company, Ruby Brown has the unique quality of kindling emotion through scent.