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Libertine Fragrance is for the curious and the passionate and who look to beauty, art and “the endless search for pleasure”. 

Started in 2015 by Joshua Smith, a forester turned designer turned perfumer. Josh’s vision is to marry the creativity of design, the beauty of nature and the pleasure of the senses into an experience of escapism in a bottle. 

All of their fragrances are crafted by hand in small batches in Edmonton, Alberta. The experimenting, blending, mixing and packaging are all done by hand in very small batches, usually 100 or so bottles. A mixture of essential oils  and carefully chosen aroma molecules are weighed, mixed and diluted with pure perfumers alcohol. The mixture is then aged to allow proper unification between essential oils and the carrier before it is bottled and ready to apply.

All of the printing is done locally by a family owned print shop in Edmonton, Alberta 

All of the packaging besides the sprayers and rollers are 100% recyclable. Please recycle when you are finished with your bottle & box.