Bois Datchaï EDP

Bois Datchaï EDP
Bois Datchaï EDP
Bois Datchaï EDP

Bois Datchaï EDP

Tea and berries in the forest.
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"Forest races, crispy wild berries, tangy brambles, summery times. First one home. Cheeky games, smoky tea, spicy bark. Silvery reeds, lively embers, fruity seeds. A crimson moon."

A taste of spicy black tea and wild berries in the heart of a primitive forest. Crisp and lively berries contrast with smoky and enchanting woods.

Notes: blackcurrant bud absolute, black tea absolute, cinnamon essential oil, patchouli essential oil, cedar essential oil, leather accord.

In partnership with: Dorothée Piot

Why you'll love it

From the opening flash of tart wild berry, "Bois Datchaï" is a happy scent. But as we've learned from the hero in almost every movie, only fools confuse optimism for shallowness. "Bois Datchaï" is a poetic, finely etched, grounding evocation of wood. You can almost feel the wood grain on your fingers as they stick to echoes of sap, the rustle of leaves high above like brushes on a drum. "Bois Datchaï" proves not every woody fragrance has to be intense to be impactful. Meditative and beautiful.


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