Rose Saltifolia EDP

Rose Saltifolia EDP
Rose Saltifolia EDP
Rose Saltifolia EDP

Rose Saltifolia EDP

Roses by the sea.
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"Salty dunes, zesty spume, fiery bougainvillea. Sparkly spindrift. Pirouetting pink birds, imperial wind-blown Centifolia. Swirly sand, silky seaweed meadows. Undersea woods, crystalline moods."

A stroll on the seaside, among fields of freshly blossomed roses blown by the sea winds. Sparkling and crystalline rose Centifolia meets salty and silky seaweed.

Notes: blood orange essential oil, pink peppercorn essential oil, rose Centifolia absolute, seaweed absolute, cashmeran.

In partnership with: Stéphanie Bakouche

Why you'll love it

If you superimposed two holograms, one of a garden rose and the other of a crashing wave, the resulting image would feel like "Rose Saltifolia." Here, the rose feels somehow old school and new school simultaneously, conjuring the upstairs/downstairs glamour of the classic ingredient with a crisp, refreshing, photographic sheen. Rather than overshadow the main ingredient, the aquatic qualities of the fragrance bring out natural characters of the flower, glimmering like salt dew on pink-red petals. This is a rose that doesn’t apologize for loudly leading the conversation; its infectious laugh makes everyone feel at ease.


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