Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood EDT

Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood EDT
Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood EDT

Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood EDT

A pas de deux of smoky guaiac wood and Iso E Super.
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The M+ fragrances are an ode to minimalism and a celebration of pure form. Their radical simplicity is the antidote to overindulgent mainstream fragrances, a reaction to traditional perfumery's compositional constraints. Maybe, the perfect scent is achieved not when there are no more notes to add but when there is nothing left to take away.

Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood consists of Iso E Super + Guaiac Wood.

Iso E Super is an abstract synthetic molecule with a cedarwood tonality and a warm, velvety cocooning sensation. Guaiac wood is an extract from the heartwood of the Palo Santo tree that smells warm, smoky and woody.

Guaiac wood has one of the best dry-downs in olfactory alchemy, containing depth within itself, darkness, something grave, almost. Imagine wrapping yourself in olfactive layers of creamy warm whisky in the winter, and an emulsified smoke from the fireplace sublimates the room; that's M+ Guaiac Wood.

This moody M+ iteration packs a punch of volatile rum absolue at the top, which evaporates and gives way to a pas de deux of guaiac wood and Iso E Super.

"Guaiac wood has the smokiness and aromatic quality of a great whisky together with a creamy warmth. It has a gentle ‘cocooning around the fireplace in winter’ feel to it. It’s like emulsified smoke that melts into the Iso E Super to make a skin-scent that is super-sexy and erogenous." - Perfumer Geza Schoen

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