A symphony of olfactory decadence.
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Note: This fragrance is now being produced with an improved formula. The concentration of scented oils has been increased from 15% to 18%, highlighting different textures and enriching overall performance. All samples and bottles purchased are now the new concentration, and the former version is no longer available.  

Pronounced “mix”, the fragrance is named for the gender-neutral title which has begun to replace Mr., Mrs. and Ms. The "x" in Mx. marks the freedom to be who you want to be, free from the constraints of gender. Instead of Ms. Herman, Mx. Herman. Instead of Mr. Lie, Mx. Lie.

A sparkling mix of ginger, saffron, vetiver, and black pepper on a creamy bed of cedar and sandalwood, the fragrance is wrapped in rich notes of cacao, benzoin, and the animalic purr of castoreum. A symphony of olfactory decadence. 

"Mx. plays with the gender binary in perfume, blurring and mixing the boundaries between traditionally masculine and feminine perfume notes to create a luscious woody animalic fragrance for all genders.” – Barbara Herman, founder & creative director

"Mx. is a subtle mix of rich ingredients I love, without floral notes or diluted musks. It’s not a clean, neutral, unisex fragrance, but a lush, romantic, inviting scent for everyone." – Antoine Lie, perfumer

Notes: Indian ginger, Madagascar black pepper, saffron, Ethiopian olibanum, Australian sandalwood, Virginian cedarwood, Haitian vetiver, Indonesian patchouli, Laotian benzoin, Russian birch tar, Venezuelan cacao, castoreum (synthetic)

Why you'll love it

Clear but luscious, sexy but totally relaxed, delicious without being cloying or sweet, “Mx.” is a study in contradictions that coheres into symphonic, blissful unity. This fragrance doesn’t bend or subvert gender stereotypes as much as it exists in a futuristic utopia entirely without them. The translucent warmth of an idealized other. 


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