Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum

Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum
Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum
Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum

Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum

The smell of slept-in skin, chocolate, spices, & smoky incense.
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The smell of slept-in skin, chocolate, spices, & smoky incense. Bottled at 20% extrait concentration. 

Mxxx. has a massive 7% overdose of natural specially tinctured, and ethically sourced ambergris. Mxxx. also features natural, specially tinctured, ethically sourced pierre d’Afrique (Africa Stone or Hyraceum) in a subliminally pleasing dose.

Eris Parfums’ Mxxx. pushes dark sensuality to a new limit. It includes specially sourced, tinctured, and aged Ambergris in a huge concentration; the rarely used animalic ingredient Pierre d’Afrique; and the richest and most refined Trinidad Cacao I’ve ever smelled, used for the first time. Surrender to its beauty!” – Antoine Lie, perfumer

If the ‘x’ in our fragrance ‘Mx.’ marked the freedom to be who you want to be, the ‘triple x’ of Mxxx. Extrait de Parfum extends that invitation with the lights turned down low — and the animalic growl turned up.” — Barbara Herman, founder & creative director 

Due to its rarity and cost, natural ambergris — the aged and oxidized exudate from a sperm whale — is found largely in synthetic form in most perfumes listing it as an ingredient. At once sweet, earthy, marine, and animalic, natural ambergris imparts a subtle but unmistakable glow to any elixir it joins, adding an ineffable warmth, coziness, roundness, and sensuality that you have to smell — and feel — to understand.

Mxxx. also features a sumptuous Cacao from Trinidad and Tobago used for the first time ever in a fragrance. Selected by both perfumer Antoine Lie and a French artisanal chocolatier for its dark, spicy character, the Cacao was processed by independent haute perfumery lab L’Atelier Français des Matières, with its cocoa butter intact. This choice, along with the use of a green, organic solvent and AFDM’s ultrasound technology extraction at a low temperature, results in a Cacao with its full spectrum of aromatic molecules.

Notes: Madagascan blue ginger, mace (CO2 extraction), saffron, Ethiopian olibanum, pink peppercorn, Trinidad cacao (ultrasound extraction), Virginia cedarwood, sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, Indonesian patchouli, Laotian benzoin, castoreum (synthetic), natural ambergris, natural hyraceum, Madagascan green vanilla (ultrasound extraction)

No animals were involved or harmed in collecting the rare animalic ingredients in Mxxx. Both the Ambergris and Hyraceum in Mxxx. were provided by Stéphane Piquart of Behave, an organization founded on principles of transparent and sustainable sourcing, fair trade, and the empowerment of local populations. Eris Parfums never tests any of its fragrances on animals.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Scent! Lovely for Winter.

Plush and opulent

Sample review

Opinion on the brand : I usually like this brand.

I ordered an additional sample for safekeeping, in case something happens to the first one. This one starts off strong and settles into an exquisite skin scent. The animal notes intertwine with the absolutely beautiful cacao to create a rich scent right next to your skin. I was curious about the ambergris content, but the cacao stole the show for me.

Must try, must buy.


This is a scent that may not be for everyone, or for every skin chemistry- if in doubt try a sample

Having said that, for me at least, this scent is almost indescribably good. The initial bright, spicy burst of spice from the ginger, mace and pink pepper is slowly overtaken by warmer woody/resinous scents, all riding on the great building bass-note wave of cocoa- not sweet or gourmand but dry, bitter, and luxuriously rich. Anyone who's tried really top quality dark chocolate will feel it- there's fruitiness, floralcy, everything is there in a sort of dark rumbling undertone. But what really makes this scent is the emergence of the animalistic side of it- predominately the ambergris. This plays off the cacao note in a truly superb way- the sea-salt minerality really highlights the cocoa while the richness and depth of the cocoa keeps the animal notes under control- they remain a warm wash of warm sensuality rather than being too overtly sexual or, even worse, edging into anything offensive (not a hint of fecal aromas or low tide to be had here). As time passes the green vanilla makes itself felt as well, its creaminess helping to further integrate the woody, cocoa, and animal scents. The balance is spot on and the overall impression is one of dark, sultry richness and obvious but controlled animal sensuality. The projection

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