Purpose EDP

Purpose EDP
Purpose EDP
Purpose EDP

Purpose EDP

Shamanic awakening.
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It begins with a glacial breeze of bergamot. Soon, crystals of creeping cold tingle with pimento berry and pink pepper. Time dilates, with fractal frankincense encapsulating your past and future.

A deep breath fills your lungs with vetiver smoke. An animalic rose appears in your perception, its weathered tobacco accents calming an internal tension felt somewhere deep in your core; knots of earthy papyrus and silken sandalwood.

This is where the road ends. Here, where the sun shines with eternal rays of aldehydic light, casting long shadows on a mystical landscape of saffron and suede. Overhead, a formation of Akigalawood clouds hang like a flock of blank, impossible gods. 

A psychedelic totem of mineral woods and stellar sparks of spice, Purpose is a shamanic awakening, the scent of feeling at peace, of finding your roots, of feeling complete.

Notes: bergamot, pink pepper, frankincense, pimento berry, rose, sand vetiver, sandalwood, papyrus, saffron, suede, Mystikal, Akigalawood

Perfumer: Quentin Bisch

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