Parfum d'Empire

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Though his family hails from Corsica, Perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was born in Morocco. He grew up between his parents’ citrus groves near the ancient city of Azemmour and his family home in the village of Corticchiato, deep in the Corsican maquis.

Corticchiato’s profile is an unusual one: he is both a perfumer whose fragrances conjure intensely sensuous worlds, and a scientist who has studied the secrets of scent production in aromatic plants. His fascination with the noblest of raw materials and their history of use in different cultures has driven him to explore the realm of perfume.

Through his perfumes, he expresses the fleeting moments of emotion conjured by blends of the most beautiful raw materials, coveted for centuries for their refinement, aphrodisiac properties and use in sacred rituals. It is this age-old link between perfume, eroticism and spirituality that he has sought to revive with Parfum d’Empire.